Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Network-based Approach to Enterprise Compliance

This time, I'd like to talk about a new, network-based approach to Compliance. All kinds of enterprises need to comply with regulations such as SOX, PCI DSS, HIPAA; at the same time, they absolutely want to avoid costly upgrades and maintain service.

The challenges are many: What information should be stored? What upgrades arerequired? Where can the information be found? Is it accessible and meaningful? Are different information sources compatible? Is the information complete? reliable? tamper-proof ?...usable?

If you've ever had to sort out several jigsaw puzzles that have been mixed together and scattered about your home, you quickly realize the impracticality of log-based solutions to such challenges. And this is where a network-based approach comes in.

Qosmos network intelligence technology queries an IP network in real-time as though it were a database. This enables you to see in real-time what actually happens, wherever it happens, and to record the information in a single data format (e.g. SMTP for emails), and with a single database entry for each session. And you can do all this from one point on your network: it doesn't matter what your existing IT system is, and there's no impact on existing management policies, systems or services. Furthermore, Qosmos filters and structures relevant data to optimize storage and speed up post-processing, and extracts information directly from the network, independently of servers, and even in cases where they do not have access to (third party) logs or databases (such as for Webmail or public IM).

Judging from some of my recent discussions, it is clear that Qosmos has an interesting value proposition: we can work in partnership with suppliers of Compliance solutions, to provide them with information extraction components on which they can build complete systems – with all the advantages of a network-based approach!


Monday, November 24, 2008

Time for Change

You've certainly caught some of the buzz generated by the recent Obama - Verizon controversy.

It's clear that telecom operators’ databases contain sensitive customer information, ranging from subscriber phone numbers and addresses, to private bank details, call history and geo-localization data. And you don't need to be president-elect to understand that preventing the theft or misuse of this confidential information is of critical importance. Knowing who accesses what, where, when and why are the cardinal points of confidence in the information age.

Data protection represents, therefore, both a strategic and technical challenge for operators, who must implement a secure and actionable tracking system across the various access points to their subscriber databases: from internal customer relations and technical support teams, to outsourced customer care services, to malicious hackers.

At Qosmos, we like to say “Yes we can”. Qosmos Network Intelligence technology enables Data Protection and Data Theft Prevention solutions that monitor network traffic in real time, and extract complete and detailed access records for all intranet, web-based or legacy (e.g. TN3270) applications, whether standard or custom, and whatever network protocols are used. Which means fully traceable access, real-time reactivity, and rapid post-processing of information.

So that when government agencies and lawyers come knocking, you've not only got the answer - you know who else does...


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Network Intelligence for Audience Measurement

Today I'd like to say a few words about information extraction for audience measurement. The diversity of IP-based media (Web, Mobile Web and IPTV, etc.) makes for fragmented audiences, for which traditional measurement approaches like user panels prove inadequate. Network Intelligence technology, on the other hand, can complement existing user-centric tools with network-centric data across a wide range of applications and devices, offering a unified vision of network usages and trends.

Network Intelligence technology does this by successfully extracting information like Website visited, Website itinerary, page content, duration, referent, mobile ID, IPTV viewer behavior, channel zapping, etc. which translates into faster reporting, more accurate information, and the ability to correlate user behavior across the Internet, IPTV, and mobile terminals. All while ensuring subscriber privacy through anonymous data collection. And this information generates new revenue possibilities. Market research providers can use this approach to gain competitive advantage, by providing valuable information to ISPs (who benefit from higher ARPU), while advertisers benefit from increased effectiveness by targeting ads to genuinely interested consumers.

In the end, users win out, through enhanced user experience, more adapted services, and the final choice to opt-in or not. If you'd like more information on how Network Intelligence can be used to leverage business intelligence, join our Business Intelligence Webinar:



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