Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Solving Unsolvable Problems: The Solution

Solution vendors are realizing that network intelligence requires advanced expertise and that there are clear advantages of sourcing the technology from specialists. The economic downturn accelerates the movement; vendors that come out as winners are those who stay focused on their core business.

Qosmos is dedicated to network intelligence, identifying and managing the evolving and growing number of network communication protocols as well as capturing traffic metadata or content. This real-time visibility enables enhanced security features, optimized technical performance and more precise usage in third-party solutions. Delivered as software development kits and hardware that integrate seamlessly, systems integrators, ISVs and NEP’s rely on Qosmos for expert network intelligence technology while maintaining complete control over their solutions. 

Qosmos users benefit in several ways:

1. Improve development efficiency
In high-tech, business success goes hand in hand with fast time to market, which in turn depends on development time. By using proven network intelligence toolkits, development teams can stay focused on bringing new solutions fast to market, able to adhere to more predictable development roadmaps in the face of the ever-changing network-based environment. Qosmos’ Software Development Kit includes fully documented developer tools, along with support and maintenance services designed to make solutions network-intelligent rapidly and efficiently. Qosmos efficiency is built-in to the technology itself: the same application building blocks can be integrated across different CPUs, NPUs and hardware platforms. In fact, the Qosmos network intelligence development kit can be ported to any type of modern hardware.

2. Focus on core competence
Sourcing an enabling technology externally allows solution vendors to concentrate all their efforts on the customer requirements of their solutions, instead of reinventing the wheel internally. In a perfect distribution of labor, network intelligence specialists such as Qosmos put all their resources on building the best network intelligence toolkits, providing unique expertise and pre-developed building blocks that may be integrated seamlessly and rapidly to empower third-party solutions. As an illustration of our technical know-how, we can extract network information by drilling down into 16 levels of protocol encapsulation.

3. Expand solution features
Finally, the use of Qosmos for specialized network intelligence provides more than efficient use of development resources, the depth and breadth of data and metadata extraction enables additional features that strengthen and expand the capabilities of the solutions.  For example, cyber security solutions built on network intelligence technology can detect abnormal network behavior that is invisible to standard, commercial “COTS” products. In another example, network intelligence technology can be used as a front-end for Lawful Intercept to process raw traffic and efficiently dispatch only the relevant data to an existing solution, even at very high data volumes.  Finally, sourcing network intelligence technology externally gives developers fast access to new protocols which can feed their solutions and expand their reach; Qosmos delivers a new batch of protocols each quarter.

Network Intelligence plays a key role in a network-based world; governments, operators and enterprises have a vital need to gather network intelligence from IP networks for protection, monetizing and optimizing purposes. There is an increasing need to understand network-based activity for a range of solutions such as lawful interception, cyber security, market research, network optimization, billing, and more.  Without detailed network intelligence, these solutions will not continue to function adequately and their vendors will face serious business issues.

Many of the winners will be companies who chose to boost their solutions with expert Network Intelligence Technology – from Qosmos.

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