Monday, November 2, 2009

Don’t procrastinate: process data on the fly!

We all know that there is an explosive growth in both fixed and mobile bandwidth. But not everyone might be aware of the new challenges created by the huge volume of data flowing on the networks: storage costs and lengthy post-processing,

As with other human activity, it is much more efficient to process information in real-time than to first store it and then go back process it. A bit similar to people who make purchasing decisions on a daily basis and know how to keep within their budget limits. They avoid the hassle and time to balance their checkbooks on evenings and week-ends… and the bad surprises!

With network intelligence technology, there is no place for procrastination: it processes data on the fly and focuses on key data only (such as communications metadata), which makes it very efficient. This approach reduces the total amount information which needs to be stored (100 time less!), provides actionable information immediately AND speeds up any subsequent post-processing (since the data has been nicely indexed). This real-time, network-based approach is well-suited for applications such as VoIP fraud detection or cyber defense, which required immediate action.

So, what is the difference between using data in motion vs. stored data?

Data in motion:
  • Real-time processing of network traffic   
  • Minimal storage and post-processing
  • Can be used to get a dynamic understanding of relationships between pieces of information (think “video”)
Stored data:
  • Post-processing of data from logs
  • Requires extensive storage and post-processing
  • Difficult to get a dynamic understanding of relationships between pieces of information (think “photo”)
Conclusion: use network intelligence technology to process data on the fly!

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